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The Edelweiss Story

Debbie and Josef Braeu of Edelweiss Nursery

Josef & Debbie Braeu started the landscaping business in 1979. The retail nursery began in 1987 as a way to introduce the public to a fabulous array of nursery stock. For Josef, this venture was destiny. Born in Germany, his education and work in the field of horticulture began at age 14. After internship and working in Sweden, Josef moved to Canada and worked in several park systems and in the private sector expanding experience in ornamentals, design, and maintenance.

Moving to Duluth, Minnesota with its unique climate was a challenge for Josef. He found the area's design possibilities limited by the stock available locally. Duluth, on the shore of Lake Superior, is rated a USDA zone 4 by the lake and zone 3 as you go away from the big lake. Yes, one city with two growing zones. With the effect of the forests and hills, Duluth has many micro-climates for growing, which in itself interested Joe.

With consent from a few clients to "try" stock that had been previously un-tested for hardiness to the delight of all, many varieties prosper in this area! Rhododendron, Azaleas, and Magnolias do well in Duluth's cool summers. Josef has and continues to introduce many dwarf conifers and other unique trees, shrubs, and perennials. He seeks out new and exciting plant material as well as developing new cultivars from cuttings from trees in this area. His landscape designs, as well, have broken the set bounds in Duluth and offer inspiration to many gardeners. One could say he a trend setter.

Edelweiss is a retail nursery/ garden center open to the public Mon-Sat 9-6pm, from May through September. The grounds of the nursery are beautifully landscaped complete with stream, ponds, rock gardens, classical music and a stuga with planted roof.

Joe and Debbie are happy to accommodate private bus tours, provide a meeting place, or a fun ladies night out.

Your next visit to Duluth, we recommend staying at Solglimt B&B. The charming inn is on the shores of Lake Superior, close to Canal Park with beautiful (with Edelweiss help) gardens.

Over the years, we have offered Bonsai workshops and truly appreciate Dave Severson bonsai artisan who offers classes and educates our customers on the art of bonsai.

If you are looking for more inspiration and ideas, check the Monrovia Nursery fun website.

To acquire more details & pictures on conifers, the American Conifer Society - conifer data base- is a good site.

We are pleased with the results of Plantskydd to keep the lovely deer out of our gardens. Learn more about a unique deer repellent that 'flavors' plants systemically .

At some point, Debbie & Joe may retire and leave this lovely place. More information and pictures if you are interested in a life style change.

The significance of the Edelweiss plant: If a gentleman brings a woman an Edelweiss flower, it is TRUE LOVE because Edelweiss does not grow on the pathways but off the beaten path and it takes great effort to acquire this special flower!

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