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Designs & Consultations

Edelweiss Nursery of Duluth, MN is pleased to offer design and consultation service.

With 30 years of landscaping in the Duluth area, Joe has a broad base of knowledge on appropriate plant material, maintenance, and landscape installation. His motto is “Do it right the first time!”

There is an abundant selection of plant material for our region. For the look you want, decisions need to be made on the best setting and the appropriate design for your home or business. The goal of design is
to create a pleasing environment for the long term.

Josef Braeu, our ‘design team of one’ is pleased to assist you either
Here or there!

Meet us Here …

Bring in pictures, dimensions of your yard, sun situation, soil conditions, wishes and Joe can sketch a design and provide you with plant choices.

  • $25/half hour
  • Monday - Thursday, 1-6 pm
  • Please call or email for appointment 525-3949

Or we'll meet you There!

With your busy lives (and ours!) it is sometimes better to schedule a ‘Joe time’ at your home.

  • Call 525-3949 and set a time for Joe to consult, answer questions and create a design
  • $65/hour
  • Monday - Thursday, 7 or 8 pm

Reasons to landscape your home

increase resale value of your home

Increase resale value

spring beauty

Help with summer cooling/ spring beauty

winter interest

Winter interest

Wildlife sanctuary

joy of gardening

Joy of gardening

outdoor living space

Outdoor living space


Indoor-out vista



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